Report: Murray points to Kilmer on supervision of alleged embezzler

Last winter, state Senate Democrats and their leader, Ed Murray, accused their campaign director of embezzlement.

Seattle police investigators on Thursday sent their report on the case to King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg’s office, which says it expects to decide on any charges against Michael King within several weeks.

Now the frontrunner for Seattle mayor, Murray is answering questions about his former role as co-chairman of the Senate campaign operation — and according to news website Publicola, Murray is pointing his finger at a Pierce County congressman.

Publicola’s Josh Feit quoted Murray last week as saying:

“I didn’t have supervisory responsibility for the guy [King],” Murray tells me. “First of all, I didn’t hire him, I did not supervise him, the activity went on for two years. The person you should be calling is [now U.S.-Rep.] Derek Kilmer. Derek Kilmer is the person who supervised him for two years. Derek Kilmer hired him. We can clearly see the first signs of this happening within the first week he was hired.”

Kilmer’s spokesman Stephen Carter told Publicola that Kilmer checked King’s references and that it’s “not fair to blame anyone except Michael King.”

Murray — who said he’s “not trying to dump on Derek” — told Feit that he inherited King and the campaign committee’s procedures from his three predecessors as co-chairs of the committee.

“Under Derek [Kilmer], Scott White and Lisa [Brown], someone gave this guy [King] check-writing authority,” Murray said.

“I asked Carter whether Kilmer had changed the director’s authority, and he said no.

“No changes to rules or procedures were made by Derek during his time at the SDCC,” Carter said.