Rivalry turns into alleged vandalism

The Aberdeen Police Department is investigating alleged vandalism of trucks belonging to two 17-year-old girls the night before the Aberdeen-Hoquiam football game.

Hoquiam Superintendent Mike Parker said he was sorry to hear that the rivalry between Aberdeen and Hoquiam had allegedly turned to some vandalism of two trucks this weekend.

“It’s a little disheartening that kids can’t seem to keep things in perspective,” he said, adding that the type of alleged destruction seems to have declined over the years. “But, when you start hitting property and doing stuff like that, it’s going a little too far.”

Two trucks were allegedly vandalized during the weekend’s ceremonial “burning of Johnny Hoquiam,” according to the Aberdeen Police Department.

Officers received a complaint about damage to two pickup trucks, both of which had been driven past the “burning of Johnny Hoquiam,” which was allegedly occurring in the 600 block of Harding Road, according to reports. One driver has an Aberdeen address, the other a Hoquiam address, according to police.

There was allegedly an exchange of water balloons. The drivers acknowledged throwing water balloons and spraying “Silly String.”

It was then that the crowd allegedly began to hit the trucks with their fists, and the drivers left the location.

It was reported by those driving in the trucks that many in the crowd were wearing Aberdeen High School jerseys.

An investigating officer has contacted one of the suspects and damage estimates have not been received from the reporting party at this time, police said.

The report will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor, and the investigation continues.