Safeway store re-open after bomb threat

The Aberdeen Safeway has re-opened after customers and employees were evacuated at about 10:40 this morning after store staff received a bomb threat.

The store opened again at about 3:15 p.m. after Washington State Patrol bomb squad technicians searched the store and found no bomb.

After the threatening call, management immediately called Aberdeen Police Department and evacuated the building. The police department evacuated the parking lot, surrounding the area with caution tape and blocking entrances with shopping carts and traffic cones.

“We’re not saying anything about exactly what the threat was,” Aberdeen Police Department Capt. John Green said.

The police department called the Washington State Patrol bomb squad to assist in the investigation, and several bomb dogs were used to check the store.

“They come down with their expertise and they go through the building with their experienced detecting dogs and their technicians and see if the dogs hit on anything and needs a closer look,” Green said.

About five State Patrol cruisers, a Bomb Squad vehicle and two Aberdeen Police vehicles were on scene.

Safeway employees checked the store for explosives but didn’t find anything.