Satsop Business Park is ready for its close-up

Lights, camera, cooling towers?

Satsop Business Park now has an official policy for using the 1,800-acre site for filming and production operations.

Business Development Manager Alissa Thurman said staff regularly gets requests from production companies ranging from regional independent operations to major Hollywood studios

“We get anything from your everyday blogger to we’ve had a couple of major production companies call us and ask whether or not we’re open for business,” Thurman said. “I honestly didn’t realize how many requests we received until I started here at the first of the year. We’re happy to do it, we’re happy to give tours, this is just to make sure we’re covered with liability sorts of things.”

Thurman said many operations are drawn in by the unique visual of the cooling towers or the vacant reactor building, but the park offers other features as well.

“Once they get up here they find it’s a unique setting because we have the forest and we have access to the rivers, so there are a lot of other opportunities,” she added.

The business park boasts 1,200 acres of managed forest land and 600 acres of land ready for construction, as well as space for make up, prep and cafeteria use.

There are different fee structures in place based on the size of the company and the scope of its use of the park, hopefully keeping it accessible to smaller local companies.

“We’ve just had so many requests recently, we just felt like we needed to develop a more formal procedure so we’re all on the same page and we’re able to market it a bit more,” Thurman said.

Boosting the appeal of the park as a production site would be in keeping with Satsop’s goal of expanding businesses there and potentially a benefit to other businesses in the region.

“Providing filming locations can be a great economic boost for the local economy as the cast and crew utilize local lodging, restaurants and other services,” Thurman said in a press release. “This activity also compliments our business recruitment efforts. Our goal is to attract movie productions to Satsop and potentially interest them in all that Coastal Washington can offer as a film location.”