Search continues in “peculiar” disappearance

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office executed two search warrants Tuesday in its continuing effort to find Louis Muller, who goes by the name Buck and has been missing since October.

Muller, 62, was last seen Oct. 21 by his wife at their home outside Elma. Two days later she reported a domestic violence incident had occurred on Oct. 21, telling police he told her he was going to North Dakota and that the following morning his belongings were gone. It’s still unknown whether Muller knows about the report or a warrant issued.

The search didn’t begin until an anonymous tip came in Dec. 14, encouraging police to take a closer look at the case.

“We have some concerns with his disappearance,” Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate said. “At face value, it just appears he disappeared. He has a medical issue which requires medication, and there’s no indication he has filled those prescriptions, and he did not take those medications from his home.”

Muller is diabetic and requires insulin. According to his wife, he had suffered from depression and threatened suicide in the past. Shumate also noted he didn’t take his favorite dog, and his car was still at his home, and “he’s not known to take the bus.”

“All the circumstances that surround the disappearance are peculiar,” Shumate said. The case isn’t a criminal investigation, but Shumate added police aren’t eliminating any possibilities.

Tuesday, deputies searched his home again, this time expanding to more of his nearly eight-acre property as well as the home. The search included digging holes on the property. There were “no substantial finds,” Shumate said. “Items were confiscated for (evidence) purposes at the residence,” he said, “documents and things of that nature.”

They also searched his antique business, which he owns with his wife, once again. Shumate said there was a preliminary search early in the investigation and they’re taking another look after talking with friends and relatives.

Deputies have taken bank records and business records in the hope of finding some reason for Muller’s disappearance.

“The hope is at some point when they go through that to be able to see if there’s any indication of his whereabouts, if he made any arrangements,” Shumate said.

Muller is 5’11”, 235 lbs with blue eyes and brown hair. He’s missing his left index finger.

Anyone with information about Muller should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 360-532-3284, or Grays Harbor Dispatch at 360-533-8765.