Seven months for metal theft

More than a year later, a man accused of stealing metal from an industrial buidling in Hoquiam was sentenced to seven months in jail. His sentence was further delayed when he was shot at an Elma gas station in April.

Nickolas R. Ilonummi, 27, was sentenced for second-degree burglary Monday in Grays Harbor Superior Court.

Hoquiam Police Department officers found him and Thomas A. Bradshaw, 42, and Christine D. Hart, 34, inside a building in the 800 block of Ontario Street where metal and electrical components had been removed July 4, 2012. All three were charged with second-degree burglary.

Ilonummi told investigators he was unemployed and needed money to buy fireworks for his children, and he contacted Bradshaw about doing some “scrapping,” court documents stated.

After recovering from his shooting, attorney Orlando Tadique said, “Mr. Ilonummi is a changed person. He’s gotten something probably better than drug treatment: He saw his life flash before his eyes.”

He asked for a four-month sentence, while the state requested six months. Judge Mark McCauley sentenced Ilonummi to seven months in jail because of his failure to appear at his first sentencing hearing set before his shooting.