Stan Blunt files to run against Sheriff Rick Scott

Sheriff Rick Scott will have an opponent in the upcoming election, with Stan Blunt filing for candidacy only two hours before filing closed Friday.

Scott has been serving as sheriff since October 2012 when former Sheriff Mike Whelan retired. He and Blunt will be running to finish Whelan’s unexpired term — which means the winner will have one year in office before another election.

“I believe that I’m the most qualified person for the job,” Scott said. “I’ve been in law enforcement my entire adult life, and I’ve devoted 36 years to the county. I’ve worked hard to become sheriff, and I hope to remain so for many years.”

“I’m familiar with Mr. Blunt, and I understand that he has some strong views that I don’t necessarily agree with,” Scott continued. “But of course, he has every right to run for office.”

Blunt, who lives in Aberdeen, couldn’t be reached for comment to The Daily World.

Chuck Caldwell of Montesano, the incumbent for the open Port of Grays Harbor commissioner seat, will also have an challenger. Ron Figlar-Barnes of Elma filed to oppose him on the first day of filing. Figlar- Barnes said he decided to run because he disagree’s with Caldwell’s stance on allowing companies to build crude oil storage and shipping terminals on Grays Harbor.

“It just takes one accident to ruin habitat in Grays Harbor,” Figlar-Barnes said. “I care a great deal for the Harbor — it’s a great place to live. And I don’t want to see that ruined.”

Caldwell said he’ll only support local crude oil projects if they’re approved by the proper government agencies.

In Aberdeen City Council races, incumbent Councilman John Smith will face Tawni Andrews for the open First Ward seat, and Roberta Myers will challenge incumbent Councilwoman Alice Phelps for the open Second Ward position. Myers, a real estate agent, has lived in the county since 2002 and recently moved to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen City Council Chair Kathi Hoder will face challenger Elaine Redner for her Fourth Ward position, and Fifth Ward incumbent Councilman John Erak will face Alan Richrod. Richrod has lived in Aberdeen since 1980 and recently opened Orbital Holding Systems, a small business that makes specialized tools for artists.

Aberdeen Councilman Denny Lawrence will face two opponents for his Sixth Ward seat: Michelle Barclay and Bruce Daniels. Daniels was born and raised in the Grays Harbor area and works at Aberdeen Honda.

For the Hoquiam City Council, incumbent Councilman John Wiedl will face Richard Pennant for the open Ward Two seat. Pennant moved to Hoquiam in 1999 and is a semi-retired real estate investor. Harold Delorme filed to oppose incumbent Councilman Gregory Grun for his Fourth Ward position.

Councilwoman Brenda Carlstrom will face Denise Anderson in the Fifth Ward, and newcomer Kim Simera filed to take Byron Hyde’s Sixth Ward seat. Hyde isn’t seeking re-election. No one filed to fill the other open Sixth Ward seat. Incumbent Kay Diehm is not running.

The following people filed to run for office:

Grays Harbor County Sheriff: incumbent Rick Scott (prefers Democratic party), Stan Blunt (prefers Republican party)

Grays Harbor Port District, Commissioner one: incumbent Chuck Caldwell, Ron Figlar-Barnes


Oakville: Thomas Sims

McCleary: incumbent Donald Dent, Chris Vessey

Raymond: Bob Jungar

South Bend: Julie Struck

Hospital District:

Position two: incumbent Louie Figueroa

Position three: incumbent Andrew Hooper, Otis Leathers, Karrie Fruen

Position five: incumbent Brent Meldrum, Gary Thumser

Pacific County Hospital District Two:

Commissioner three: Dave Vetter

Aberdeen City Council:

Ward one, position two: incumbent John Smith, Tawni Andrews

Ward two, position four: incumbent Alice Phelps, Roberta Myers

Ward three, position five: incumbent Tim Alstrom

Ward four, position seven: incumbent Kathi Hoder, Elaine Redner

Ward five, position 10: incumbent John Erak, Alan Richrod

Ward six, position 11: incumbent Denny Lawrence, Michelle Barclay, Bruce Daniels

Cosmopolis City Council:

Position four: incumbent Debra Moran

Position five: Johnathan Fischer

Elma City Council:

Position one: incumbent Jim Taylor, Pat Miller

Position two: incumbent David Blackett, Earl Hari

Position three: incumbent Tom Boling

Hoquiam City Council:

Ward one, position two: incumbent John Pellegrini

Ward two, position four: incumbent John Wiedl, Richard Pennant

Ward three, positions six: incumbent Bill Nelson

Ward four, position seven: incumbent Greg Grun, Harold Delorme

Ward five, position 10: incumbent Brenda Carlstrom, Denise Anderson

Ward six, position 11: Kim Simera

Ward six, position 12: No candidate

McCleary City Council:

Position three: Lawrence Peterson, Doug Krikava

Position four: incumbent Brent Schiller

Position five: incumbent Bennie Ator

Montesano City Council:

Position one: incumbent Chris Hutchings

Position two: Marissa Salzer

Position three: incumbent Pat Herrington

Position six: Tyler Trimble

Oakville City Council:

Position three: Allan Palmerson

Position four: No candidate

position five: No candidate

Ocean Shores City Council:

Position one: incumbent John Lynn

Position five: incumbent Jackie Farra, Troy Crawford

Position seven: Gordon Broadbent, Cathey Peterson

Westport City Council:

Position one: Melissa Huerta

Position three: incumbent Louis Summers

Position four: incumbent Desiree Dodson, Rob Bearden

Raymond City Council:

Member one: Vicki Flemetis

Member two: Jason Junsmoor

Member four: Rendy Flemetis

Member five: Dee Roberts

South Bend City Council:

Member three: Cheryl Seals, Patricia Neve

Member four: Karla Webber

Member five: Bob Hall, Kathy Balcom

Port of Willapa Harbor:

Port Commissioner three: Arthur Ziegler, Todd Stephens

Aberdeen School Board:

Position one: incumbent Christi Boora

Position four: incumbent Doug Smith

Position five: incumbent Sandra Bielski

Hoquiam School Board:

Position four: incumbent Christopher Eide

Position five: Christie Goodenough

North Beach School Board:

District one: incumbent Mark Eaton

District two: incumbent Linda Poplin

District three: incumbent Leanne Carl

District five: incumbent Scott Sage

McCleary School Board:

District two: incumbent Robin Curl

District three: incumbent R. Troy Colley

District four: incumbent Tenielle Carpenter

District five: incumbent Nicole Skeem

Montesano School Board:

District one: Caleb Backholm

District two: incumbent John Dwyer

Elma School Board:

District one: incumbent Larry Bridenback

District two: incumbent Rick Gravatt

District five: incumbent Teresa Boling

Taholah School Board:

Position one: Tyson Johnston

Position two: No candidate

Position three: incumbent William Adams, Carl Jackson

Position four: Tony Kramer, Dawnee DeLaCruz

Position five: Gina James

Quinault School Board:

District two: incumbent David Christiansen, Morris Holland

District three: incumbent David Hughes

District five: incumbent Annette Penn

Cosmopolis School Board:

District two: incumbent Mark Collett

District four: Wayne Cotton

Satsop School Board:

Position one: incumbent Diana Davis

Position three: incumbent Jason Olsen

Position four: No candidate

Position five: incumbent Terri Carl

Wishkah School Board:

District two: incumbent Dee Busse, Matthew Rurup

District three: incumbent Karen Stutesman, Travis Warren

Ocosta School Board:

District two: incumbent Sabrina Perry

District four: incumbent Steve Quinby

North River School Board:

Position one: incumbent Robert Sholes

Position two: incumbent Brian Carbaugh

Mary M. Knight School District:

District one director: Steve Messman

District two director: no candidate

Position one: Leroy Valley

Rochester School Board:

District one director: Michael Langer

District two director: incumbent Camille Haskins, Derek White

District five director: incumbent John Mortenson

Raymond School Board:

School director one: Mark Hatfield

School director three: Karen Johnson, Angela Gilbert

School director five: Pebbles Williams

South Bend School Board:

School director three: Charles Spoor

School director one: Andrew Seaman

School director two: Todd Strozyk

Willapa Valley School Board:

School director one: Thomas Walker

School director four: Josh Christen

School director five: Tom Gray