Streeter named interim PUD chief

Grays Harbor PUD Chief Financial Officer Doug Streeter on Monday was selected to be the district’s interim general manager while the PUD commissioners search for a permanent replacement for retiring General Manager Rick Lovely.

To take the interim GM position, Streeter and other candidates had to agree not to be candidates for the fulltime position, which commissioners said they hope to fill soon. Lovely’s last day is now set for Jan. 25. He announced his retirement in July after 13 years as the head of the PUD.

Streeter, who also serves as the PUD’s treasurer, will get a 10 percent raise from his current salary (boosting his monthly pay to $11,733) for the time he is performing the added duties. He was the unanimous choice of the three commissioners after an executive session during a special business meeting. Streeter manages the district’s accounting department and is responsible for investing the PUD’s funds. A nine-year PUD employee, Streeter also chairs the PUD’s Risk Management Committee, which oversees management of the PUD’s power portfolio.

“Doug Streeter’s experience and knowledge of the PUD makes him a good choice to serve as interim general manager,” said a statement from Russ Skolrood, commission president. “We are confident in Doug’s ability to keep us moving forward while we find a replacement.”

Several other department heads applied for the position, and Skolrood thanked the other candidates.

“Remember, it’s a short-term thing, so it’s not a reflection of the jobs that you do,” he said to those who did not receive the interim position.

Lovely, 61, has worked for the district for more than 28 years. He was appointed as interim general manager in September 1999 and became the general manager that December. Lovely’s current salary is $198,543.

Maizie Johnston of Elma urged the commissioners to consider a salary comparison of similar positions in both public and private power as well as government before determining what the the next general manager will be paid.

“Somewhere, we have got to start getting the salary in line with responsibilities,” she said.

Skolrood, however, noted that managing a public utility is a fairly specialized field in a “selective industry with a selective pool” of available managers able to handle the duties.

“You’re probably going to have a tough time getting anybody to come here if you change it drastically,” he said of the GM salary.

The PUD is currently accepting applications for the General Manager’s position. Information about the position and instructions for applying are available at