Surf fisher dies near Grayland

A 36-year-old Renton woman was found dead on the beach south of Grayland Sunday, according to the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said Annie Banh left for Grayland to fish in the surf early Sunday morning, according to her family.

She brought her 8-year-old daughter, who waited in the car while her mother fished in the surf off of Cranberry Road.

The girl lost sight of her mother and went looking for her on the beach but couldn’t find her.

She went back to the car to wait.

Shortly after that, two children about 10 years old were walking on the beach with their mother and thought they spotted a log in the surf, Matlock said.

“It happened to be the decedent,” he said.

A Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputy responded and got the girl out of the car. The tide was coming in and water was getting near the car’s tires.

Matlock said the woman’s death appears to be an accident.

“It appears this person went out to fish and it was just a tragic incident where maybe a wave got her. We did note there was a life jacket in the vehicle that was not being used,” he said.

Matlock recommended anyone surf fishing wear a life jacket in case of dangerous waves.

“Even if you’re only in a few feet of water, the surf we’ve got around here can knock you down and pull you under,” he said.