Techline customers experiencing Internet interruption

About 200 Techline customers in the Grays Harbor area are without internet while the company updates its service. Company spokespeople aren’t sure when the service will resume, but estimate customers will have internet within the next few days.

Scott Sipe of Techline said the company operates its internet service through phone lines. As Techline was switching phone companies, service was disconnected. Sipe said the company has made efforts to contact all affected customers to explain the situation. Techline said most affected businesses have been set up with alternative internet, and some private users have cancelled their services and are now using other providers.

“But those customers are welcome to come back once we have it up and running again,” Sipe said. “It won’t cost them extra to come back.”

Sipe said the company is also preserving email addresses for customers who have migrated to different companies in case they do come back.