Throat slashing suspect charged after all

The suspect in a July 31 throat slashing in Ocean Shores has been charged after initially being released from a Los Angeles jail.

James Lemar Griffin, 24, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Grays Harbor Superior Court on charges of first-degree assault and first-degree burglary. He’s accused of attacking his then-neighbor, Jose Moises Segovia-Barrera, by cutting his throat with a knife.

Griffin was arrested in Los Angeles Sept. 14, but Grays Harbor County declined to extradite him because of problems with the case.

Segovia-Barrera, 31, is currently awaiting trial on a first-degree child molestation charge. Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kraig Newman said at the time Segovia-Barrera would likely be deported to his native El Salvador, and might not agree to testify. He has since agreed to testify against Griffin.

Griffin was arrested locally and booked into Grays Harbor County Jail Oct. 19.

Police suspect Griffin attacked Segovia-Barrera as retribution for the alleged child molestation. According to a witness statement, before the alleged assault Griffin “pounded his fist into his palm and said, ‘That (expletive) is going to suffer before he is deported.”

Griffin is held in the jail with $50,000 bail. Segovia-Barrera is in the jail with $100,000 bail.