Two arrested after “warning shot”

Two men were arrested Saturday after one allegedly fired a gun outside a Hoquiam apartment building during an argument, according to the Hoquiam Police Department. No one was injured.

Police responded to the 500 block of Emerson Avenue for a report of a man with a knife and another with a gun. The 32-year-old Hoquiam man had allegedly fired at least one shot. He and a 41-year-old Aberdeen man with a switch-blade knife were detained at the scene.

“It was determined there was some sort of feud between the men which has been ongoing over the last few weeks,” Detective Sgt. Shane Krohn wrote in a press release. “The man with the pistol indicated he felt threatened by the man with the knife as he was ‘charging’ at him, so he shot one round toward the front of the building as a ‘warning shot’ at the man.”

Neither men live at the apartment building, and apparently encountered each other as they were visiting tenants.

The Hoquiam man was booked in the Hoquiam City Jail for reckless endangerment and discharging a weapon within city limits. City prosecutors will review a charge of possession of a dangerous weapon for the Aberdeen man.