Two arrested after being found with alleged burglary tools

Hoquiam Police officers arrested two men found with what police characterized as burglary tools inside a vacant home in the 400 block of Chenault Avenue in West Hoquiam early Monday morning.

Police say they responded to a report of loud noises coming from the home and found two adult males inside the residence and scrap metal gathered up in a pile. The men, ages 22 and 43, both from Hoquiam, were booked in the county jail on suspicion of burglary.

While investigating, detectives interviewed a roommate of one of the suspects. While at the suspect’s home they noticed two weed-eaters and a leaf blower sitting on the floor. The roommate allegedly said the items had “shown up” at the apartment overnight. Detectives took the items as possible stolen property and are asking residents to check to see if they are missing such items.

Anyone who knows about the incidents should contact Detective Sergeant Shane Krohn 532-0892, ext. 102.