Two found dead in Hoquiam

Police are investigating the deaths of a Hoquiam couple found dead in their home on Monday, officials said.

Deputy county coroner Steve Wells identified the victims as Mark and Mary Hinzman, aged 53 and 48 respectively.

He said each had multiple stab wounds.

On Monday evening, the couple’s 24-year-old son Eric came home to find their bodies laying in the kitchen, law enforcement authorities said, in a house on the 3100 block of Sumner Ave. Police were called to the scene at 6:51 p.m.

Investigators could be seen inside the house collecting evidence and documenting the crime scene until 3 a.m., when the bodies were handed over to the coroner’s office. Family members, huddled in groups together crying and consoling each other, declined to comment about the deaths.

A crowd gathered around the house while police conducted their investigation. One woman who identified herself as a neighbor said about the couple: “They were just normal Harbor people. They were super nice, they were happy and holding hands and smiling, if they were doing something they would do it together.”

Both the son and the couple’s daughter Becky, also in her 20’s, were interviewed at the scene. The investigation is in the preliminary stages, but it is believed the crime scene is limited only to the residence.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said he understands the public’s need for accurate information about the two deaths but “we have to verify facts as they relate to the investigation, and these things take time.”

The Coroner’s Office was in the process of scheduling an autopsy.