Two more suspects in Elma assaults in court

Two more people charged in connection with a shooting at a gas station in Elma April 13 appeared in Grays Harbor Superior Court Monday.

Rhonda G. Harris, 48, of Satsop, pleaded not guilty to a second-degree assault charge. She’s accused of beating a woman with a baseball bat.

Ricky D. Sizemore, 53, appeared Monday, but instead of entering a plea to his second-degree assault and drive-by shooting charges, his attorney, David Arcuri, asked that he have a mental health evaluation to see if he’s competent to stand trial.

Sizemore allegedly led three other people to confront a 26-year-old homeless man who owed him $700. Court documents say he also told police the man sold him a substance the man claimed was methamphetamine, but Sizemore “later tried to consume the substance and found that it was not methamphetamine.”

Sizemore, Harris, Gordon J. Harper, 39, of Satsop and Anna M. Kohler, 27, of Winlock arrived at the gas station for the confrontation, Sizemore armed with a paintball gun, Kohler and Harris with baseball bats.

Sizemore told police he spotted the man getting out of a truck, holding what turned out to be an “airsoft” gun, and began shooting him with his paintball gun. Airsoft guns are replicas made to look like real guns and fire plastic pellets. Kohler and Harris are accused of beating the woman who was with the man. Kohler has pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault.

According to prosecutors, security video from the gas station shows Harper approach the man’s truck, look inside, then walk off camera.

He returns moments later with a hand gun and fires into the vehicle at the man. Harper has entered not guilty pleas to charges of first-degree assault with a firearm, second-degree assault, drive-by shooting and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Sizemore is expected to be evaluated by staff from Western State Hospital within two weeks to determine whether he’s competent to stand trial.

All four suspects are held in the Grays Harbor County Jail, Harper with $500,000 bail, Sizemore with $250,000, and Harris and Kohler with $100,000.