Unattended food on stove causes fire

The Aberdeen Fire Department says a stove top fire Tuesday night quickly spread to cabinetry but was out by the time firefighters arrived.

The fire started on the 1500 block of Bay Ave. at about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Battalion Chief Bill Mayne said that the occupants of the home left some food on the stove and didn’t turn the heat off before they left the home. As it happens, a neighbor saw the fire, kicked in the door and was able to get the fire out with an extinguisher.

Mayne says home owners need to be vigilant to always keep an eye on their stove when cooking and not leave their homes before double checking that everything is off.

Mayne said he also wants to discourage neighbors from kicking in doors when they know a fire is happening. “They were lucky this time, but kicking in a door could result in a backdraft, an explosion or a flashover, which is not survivable,” Mayne said. “That’s not a good thing to do and the best thing to do is just call 911 and we will get there very, very fast. When a door gets kicked in by a neighbor, there’s no way for them to know how long the fire’s been burning and they could go down immediately. And, in that situation, my response is complicated.”