Vancouver man wins Polson Red Car Raffle

Doug Stackhouse of Vancouver, Wash., was the winner of this year’s Red Car Raffle at the Polson Museum. The annual raffle’s prize this year was a red 2012 Jeep Wrangler. Stackhouse, who bought his ticket while participating in the Push Rods’ car show at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino in October, bought the ticket because the drawing was going to be held on his mother’s birthday. Hoquiam “royalty” chose the winning tickets at Hoquiam’s Polson Museum just before the New Year. Third-graders Jalee Kruger and Jacob Barnett — Little Miss and Mr. Hoquiam — drew Stackhouse’s name from the entries. They also drew the second-place winner, Jean Jhanson of Elma, whose prize was a 46-inch high definition TV. The museum is already making plans for the next annual raffle, though a car has not been chosen yet.