Vintage Gibson guitars, other expensive items stolen in Hoquiam

Several vintage Gibson electric guitars, along with amplifiers and other items worth several thousand dollars were stolen from a building used as a music studio in the 400 block of Karr Avenue Tuesday night.

The burglars removed an air duct near the front door of an outbuilding on the property to unlock the door. Several high dollar items were stolen from the building. Some of the other items stolen included music mixing equipment, a MacBook Pro laptop computer, coins, jewelry, a chronograph watch and digital cameras with specialty camera accessories.

The total loss is estimated to be in several thousands of dollars, police said.

Anyone with information about the incident or knowledge of anyone attempting to sell

similar items should contact Detective Sgt. Shane Krohn at 360-532-0892 ext. 102 or Detective David Blundred at 360-532-0892 ext. 109