Woman assaulted in her East Hoquiam Road home

A Hoquiam woman was sexually assaulted, beaten and held hostage for several hours in her home Thursday afternoon by an unknown man, according to law enforcement officials.

The assault happened on the 3000 block of East Hoquiam Road. A neighbor reported the incident to 911 at 5:08 p.m. after the 57-year-old woman ran to his house for help.

The woman reported to police that the man came into her house with a knife and possibly a gun, beat her, sexually assaulted her and then held her hostage. The woman wasn’t certain of the timeframe, but estimated she was held for several hours. She did not know where the man was located when she fled the home, but told police he could still be in her residence, located across the street from her neighbor.

Numerous Sheriff’s deputies, along with a canine unit from the Aberdeen Police Department, were on scene early Thursday evening combing through the heavily wooded area for the assailant, some with weapons drawn. They also searched the house for the man, but he had already escaped.

“We don’t know if he left a period of time before she fled,” said Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman was transported from the scene by the Hoquiam Fire Department and taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital. According to the fire department, the woman had multiple contusions and abrasions on her body and a half-inch cut on her face. The injuries were not life threatening however, officials said. Shumate said there was evidence in the home consistent with an assault.

The woman described her attacker as a Hispanic male. No other identifying characteristics were given.