Woman says she and toddler pricked by needles at Vance Creek ponds

When her 3-year-old daughter was pricked by a hypodermic needle at the Vance Creek ponds, Letesha Hall wrote the incident off as a one-time fluke. But seven weeks later Hall also stood on a needle, and the Elma woman is warning others not to visit the popular park and swimming area.

“I’m really angry about it,” Hall said. “The ponds are a place a lot of people go to, a lot of children go to.”

When her daughter was pricked, Hall immediately took her to the emergency room for testing. So far the tests have come back clean, but the child will have to undergo monitoring for about a year. Hall hasn’t received any medical attention since she stood on a hypodermic needle Friday. She said she doesn’t have health insurance and is worried about expensive medical bills.

Hall isn’t sure what the needles were used for, but she suspects drugs. When she took her daughter to the hospital, doctors told her she should have kept the needle for testing.

“I don’t know what it was, but I don’t think it was just a diabetic needle,” Hall said.

Hall and her family have lived in the Elma area for 12 years and had frequented the Vance Creek ponds without incident. But she and her husband decided they won’t be going back.

“It’s really terrible,” Hall said. “We loved the ponds.”