Job search tips for veterans

* Demilitarize your resume. Avoid acronyms that are alien to civilians. Have someone not in the military review it. Find a way to explain how your military experience would apply to a corporate environment.

* During interviews, be sure to state you’re a veteran; they’ll be more likely to remember you, particularly if you’re a woman.

* While networking, if someone tells you they’d like to help you, take them up on it by sending them an email.

* Consider working for a franchise. “What’s really great is that the military is all about following orders. It’s all about executing a plan that’s already been thought out,” said Meg Schmitz, a Morton Grove, Ill., FranChoice Inc. consultant who matches veterans to franchises. “The reason they could do really well in franchising is that franchising is all about following an established recipe.” Last year, the International Franchise Association announced a campaign to get veterans jobs and franchisee ownership; 75,000 spots for veterans and military spouses and another 5,000 for injured vets by 2014. So far through the effort, 15,000 have been placed, including 4,200 new franchisees. CiCi’s Pizza, Popeyes, Jiffy Lube and Papa John’s are among those waiving franchise fees for vets.

* Apply for jobs at companies open to vets. Among the nearly three dozen companies that exhibited at the MBA Veterans Network event in Chicago were Google, Wells Fargo, Accenture, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Clorox, Target, PNC, Deloitte, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Price-waterhouseCoopers.