15 years for violent Tacoma pimp

A 35-year-old Tacoma man was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday for his role as a violent pimp.

Reginald Irvin pleaded guilty last October to charges of interstate transportation of an individual for prostitution and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking, according to U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan.

According to case files, Irvin exercised violent control over the women who he coerced to work for him as prostitutes. He controlled the women with a harsh list of rules including requiring the women to give him all money made from prostitution activities and not being allowed to leave the house on their own, according to a press release.

When victims broke Irvin’s rules the punishment included beatings, rape and humiliation. Women working for Irvin witnessed him beating other women, and became fearful of leaving him or disobeying his orders.

“Unquestionably Irvin is a predator who has a long history of assaulting and exploiting young women. … (H)e treated the victims herein like chattel, beating and belittling them into servitude. His history and characteristics demonstrate an individual who is a menace and danger to society,” prosecutors wrote in their sentencing statement.

The case was investigated by the Tacoma Police Department, Lakewood Police Department, and the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force.

The FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force provides an investigative response to reported federal crimes involving the victimization of children. The task force strives to reduce the vulnerability of children to acts of sexual exploitation and abuse and strengthens the capabilities of federal, state, and local law enforcement through training programs and investigative assistance.