2 a.m. trash fire on apartment deck results in charge

BREMERTON — Burning trash at 2 a.m. on his apartment’s deck led to a charge against a Bremerton man.

The 28-year-old man was charged Monday afternoon with first-degree reckless burning.

A Bremerton police officer responded at about 2:10 a.m. Monday to an apartment on the 3000 block of Austin Drive when someone reported that a man had lit a fire on his back porch and that the fire had burned through the roof.

The man, who lives in the apartment, told police he was burning trash on his back deck.

The officer said that the fire was in a round barbecue and that the flame was about 5 feet high and damaging the roof above it.

Fire crews from Navy Region Northwest arrived a few minutes later and put out the fire. The man said that it was ridiculous to have fire crews there, that he was only burning trash and that he had permission from his landlord to do it.

When the officer pointed out the fire was damaging the building, the man said he knew and was going to pay for the damage. He said he had poured water on the fire to keep flames away from the roof.

When the officer asked why he didn’t put out the fire, the man said he wasn’t finished burning the trash.