About 1,200 books donated to library in Ketchikan

KETCHIKAN, Alaska (AP) — Thirty boxes of donated books are headed to the Craig Public Library.

When they arrive, library director Amy Marshall said she is going to have something special on hand for the person delivering the books: “I am going to bake him cookies, though, because it’s a lot of books,” she said.

The boxes contain about 1,200 books, including best-sellers, picture books, coffee table books and children’s books, the Ketchikan Daily News reported Friday.

Marshall said she was “absolutely stunned” when she heard about how large the donation was to the library.

The books were collected from publishers early this week during the Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Association’s fall trade show in Tacoma. PNBA organizes the annual Michael Pritkin Rural Library Project donations, which began in 1992.

Two independent booksellers, Parnassus Books of Ketchikan and Hearthside Books and Toys of Juneau, nominated the Craig Public Library for the program this year. Marshall said she wasn’t aware of the project until recently.

The books are being shipped without charge by Partners West Books Distributors.

Marshall is appreciative of the title mix, and is happy with the amount of children’s books, because “just trying to keep kids in books is what I like to do.”

There will be multiple copies of many titles included in the approximately $15,000 shipment, “which is great,” Marshall said. “”Because, if we get more than one title … we’re going to share them among libraries all over the island.”