Capitol Campus’ Tivoli Fountain once again operational

One of the most popular highlights on the state Capitol Campus — Tivoli Fountain — has returned to its seasonal operations.

After cleaning and some repairs, the Department of Enterprise Services began continuous daytime operations of the fountain.

Not all repairs are complete. Initially, the fountain will operate with only limited choreography of water movement.

Periodic interruptions are likely over the next few weeks as the department fine-tunes the programming.

Later this summer, when the weather is dependably dry and warm, there will be a longer shutdown to allow for further waterproofing of the fountain and examinations of the repaired nozzles.

The fountain is a replica of the famous Roman-style fountain located in Tivoli Park, Copenhagen, Denmark, which in turn replicates elements of a famous fountain in Tivoli, Italy. The Olympia-Tumwater Foundation donated the fountain to the state in April 1953.

The fountain usually runs through October and is shut down during the late fall and winter months.