First, it was a DUI, then it got worse

A 27-year-old man who was cited for driving under the influence Friday night is sitting in the Thurston County Jail after he allegedly stole the arresting deputy’s ticket book from the back seat of the deputy’s patrol car as the deputy drove him home.

The deputy pulled the man over about 11:30 Friday night at Black Lake Boulevard and Park Drive Southwest, Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin said. The deputy had a civilian ride-a-long in his patrol car, so the officer’s gear bag, which contained his ticket book, was in the back seat of the patrol car, Elwin said.

After the deputy took the DUI suspect to jail, where he was cited, booked and released, the deputy, as a courtesy, drove the suspect to a residence in the 3800 block of Biscay Street Northwest. The deputy later noticed his ticket book was missing, so he drove back to the Biscay Street residence, where the DUI suspect was sitting on the front porch, drinking from a bottle of wine, Elwin said.

The deputy asked the suspect where his ticket book was, but the suspect said he had no idea what the deputy was talking about. The deputy knocked on the door, and the suspect’s uncle told the deputy he would search for the ticket book. The suspect’s uncle told the deputy he found the ticket book on the floor in the suspect’s bedroom closet, and gave it back to the deputy.

So instead of facing a misdemeanor DUI citation, the deputy rearrested the suspect on suspicion of second-degree felony theft. Elwin said the suspect may have thought he was stealing his DUI citation, but the citation was in the deputy’s possession, not in the ticket book, which included only blank, unwritten citations.

Elwin said deputies typically will drive misdemeanor DUI suspects home as a courtesy after they are booked at the jail, if they cannot get a ride home from a sober friend or relative. But they are under no obligation to do so.

“That’s probably the last time that deputy gives a DUI suspect a ride home,” Elwin said.