Judi Lohr Snapshot

Judi Lohr

Age: “Last year one student asked this question and while I was thinking, another said she thought I was ‘like 30.’ I thanked her and said ‘you nailed it.’ I feel 30 in my heart, the mind says you are a bit more mature than that (sometimes) and the body says I know, and they are both wrong.”

Family: Husband Jim, engineer/project Manager with Apple Computer in its early years. Now retired. Two daughters, Jaimie of Cosmopolis and Joady of San Francisco; four grandchildren.

Artist(s) you most admire: J.M Turner. English Impressionists and the French Impressionists, especially Monet. American artists would be Winslow Homer, Mark Tobey and Andrew Wyeth.

Favorite medium: Oils. “Now trying to make acrylics respond the way oil does. Never going to happen.”

Skill you wish you had: “To pick the winning lottery numbers so we could start an art academy.”

Phrase you most often find yourself telling your students: There are no mistakes in art, just try.

Favorite place to take in art on the Harbor: “Art inspirations are everywhere. Country roads, old buildings, forests, lakes. Only one? I love the sea, the salt air — then add a colorful sunset.”