Police warn residents of new phone scam

WENATCHEE — A new scam could be coming to a phone near you.

Sgt. John Kruse of the Wenatchee Police Department said Sunday the scam includes callers identifying themselves as police officers and asking for credit card information.

The phony calls came to WPD’s attention, he said, when a local resident recently received a call from an “Officer Tony Peterson” of the “Whitworth Police Department.” The caller told the resident that someone was trying to use his credit card to make a $2,500 purchase at Home Depot. The caller left a phone number with an eastern Washington area code and asked the resident to call back on that number.

“The targeted victim was smart and called the local police,” Kruse said. When Wenatchee Police contacted the caller, it quickly became apparent that the fraud suspect was no officer. When he was unable to answer several law enforcement related questions, the suspect terminated the phone call, said Kruse.

“Be aware,” said Kruse, “that if anyone asks for your credit card information over the phone, without you calling them first at a verified company number, it is more than likely a scam.”