Sawblade in slippers leads to arrest

OKANOGAN — A pair of black Isotoner slippers landed an Okanogan woman in jail after workers there noticed a saw blade in the sole of one.

The package with slippers was bound for inmate Neal S. Mix, a 27-year-old Okanogan man who is awaiting trail in the Okanogan County Corrections Center, accused of shooting at a deputy last November and charged with first-degree assault.

Emily M. Stokes, 26 — who was with Mix when he rolled his vehicle and allegedly broke out the window and fired his shotgun at a deputy — was not charged in that incident.

But authorities say she showed up at the jail on March 24, “real nervous and fidgety,” and did not provide her identification when she left the package for Mix.

Jail staff recognized her from previous visits, according to information filed with her charges.

An examination of the slippers revealed a six-inch orange sawblade hidden in the padding of the left sole.

Stokes was arrested on suspicion of second-degree introduction of contraband and booked in the jail.