Spokane Public Schools ban e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been banned at public schools in Spokane.

Spokane Public Schools officials said they needed to clarify the policy as school employees began asking about rules governing the relatively new devices. The board voted 4-1 Wednesday night for the ban.

“I had this one kid last year who drove me crazy,” said North Central High School Principal Steve Fisk. “He’d pull it out and argue that he’s really not smoking.”

Students aren’t the only ones using e-cigarettes. Employees have also been using the devices inside the school buildings, district officials said.

E-cigarettes use liquid nicotine inside a small tube. When a person inhales, a battery heats the nicotine, creating a water-based nicotine vapor that is inhaled into the lungs.

When the person exhales, the vapor looks like cigarette smoke.