Sun Day: Bellingham private school may cancel classes if it’s warm enough

BELLINGHAM — Bellingham Christian School students will be up early today checking the weather forecast for clear skies and temperatures of at least 63 degrees.

The school is taking a page from winter and has told students and families that school will be canceled for nice weather if the forecast calls for temperatures to hit at least 63 degrees.

“If we don’t have any snow days throughout the year, why not create that excitement and joy and fun with the sun?” Principal Bob Sampson said. “Particularly Washingtonians, everybody gets so excited when the sun comes out in the spring.”

Since the school, which has about 200 students in prekindergarten through eighth grade, has had no closures for snow days this year, it can close for a sun day and still have more instructional time than the state requires. The school has offered days off for sun a few times before, most recently two years ago. Childcare still will be provided for families who can’t stay home with their children.

The possible day off to play in the sun has created an excited atmosphere at the school, and Sampson said he’s been seeing a lot of smiles on kids’ faces.

“There’s a lot of hard things in this world, so let’s celebrate and create some joy,” he said. “We need to be able to celebrate sometimes.”