Teacher a winner on “Wheel of Fortune”


Teacher a winner on “Wheel of Fortune”

Students from Cheryl Hackinen’s fifth-grade class at Tacoma’s Skyline Elementary School watched from home Thursday night as their teacher won $11,450 on national television by guessing phrases such as “fettuccine alfredo” and “early bird special effects.”

The “Wheel of Fortune” contestant competed Jan. 24 in Culver City, Calif., but was asked not to talk about the outcome of the show until after it aired.

Hackinen said she doesn’t have a clue what she’ll do with the winnings. “Seriously, I don’t (know),” she said. “There’s nothing I have to use it for.”

She has time to decide. The money comes 120 days after the air date.

Hackinen said a parent of one of her students planned to tape the show for the class to watch together.