Thieves return tandem bike to Vancouver couple with apology note

The Vancouver couple whose tandem bike was stolen earlier this week had the bike returned to their home with an apology note.

Courtney and Harly Forbes discovered their white tandem Peugeot bike Wednesday, two days after it had been stolen from the porch of their Vancouver home. The couple is developmentally delayed and cannot drive a car, making the tandem bike their main means of transportation.

In response to the news story about the theft, community members rallied around the couple and showed their support by offering donations of bicycles and money.

The couple traveled to Salmon Creek on Tuesday afternoon to collect a custom-built tandem bicycle that Richard and Jackie Riordan wanted Courtney and Harly Forbes to have.

However, early Wednesday morning, the owners of the bike reported to police that it had been returned with a note apologizing for the theft.

Police say the suspect was not seen and has yet to be identified, and agency spokeswoman Kim Kapp said the turn of events does not disrupt the investigation.

“The community outreach to the victims in this case has been nothing less than inspiring,” Kapp said in a press release.

“The widespread attention to these crime victims may have contributed to the momentary activation of the suspect’s conscience, however the goal of the Vancouver Police Department is to make an arrest in this case.”