Youth academy students accused of putting bleach in other girls’ shampoo, lotion

BREMERTON — A “personality conflict” was the impetus for two girls at Washington Youth Academy putting bleach in personal products of two other girls.

The incident occurred Wednesday evening, when normally locked lockers at the military-style boarding school were opened and available for inspection, according to Sgt. Kevin Crane of the Bremerton Police Department.

Two 17-year-old girls, one from Auburn and one from Federal Way, seized the opportunity to put raw bleach into shampoo, lotion and acne pads used by their schoolmates, who later unknowingly used the products. The alleged victims were rushed to a Bremerton emergency room. While the poisonous product caused them some discomfort, they were not seriously injured.

Crane said the incident was a “personality conflict” between the two pairs. An Associated Press story said the alleged perpetrators booby-trapped the bleach into the personal items because they felt they were being harassed and called names by the other girls.

Crane said both alleged perpetrators were arrested, and he expected prosecutors would charge one with third-degree assault and the other with attempted third-degree assault.

Washington Youth Academy is a military-style school for children ages 16 to 18 at risk for dropping out. It is operated by the Bremerton School District and the Washington National Guard.