Bradley R. Sanders

Longtime Westport resident, Bradley Richard Sanders, 53, died at his home on October 21, 2012.

Brad was born April 2, 1959, in Seattle, Washington, to Ann and Dick Sanders, the eldest of three sons. He was a bright and creative person throughout his life. Beyond his years and time, Brad dreamed of a peaceful world where people respected each other and lived in harmony.

Following graduation from high school, Brad worked at various jobs in Alaska and, at some point, also was involved in Real Estate sales. Eventually, Brad found his calling to nursing and worked at Group Health Hospital in Seattle and various clinics on the Pacific Coast. Brad and his life partner, Emily Maldonado, met while working at Group Health, and they have worked together in medicine ever since.

In addition to his compassionate care for his patients, Brad was passionate about his art. He discovered his talents in bead and jewelry making, flute making and playing and landscape gardening. Brad was a featured artist in many newspapers, and at art festivals and workshops. Most notably, he created the concept of Memory Beads, wherein he encased the ashes of deceased loved ones in his bead creations for family members to cherish for the future. His Memory Beads are marketed all over the country.

Brad was totally in love with his spirit-mate, Emily Maldonado. He adored her and gave over his whole life to create, with her, an amazing relationship, garden, studio and home. He was the kindest, most respectful and thoughtful person to everyone, no matter their status in society, age, background or abilities. Everyone in his community knew him as a remarkable contributor on every level.

He is survived, and deeply missed, by the love of his life, Emily Maldonado; his parents, Ann and Dick Sanders of Stanwood; his brothers, Mike of Seattle and Greg of Mt. Vernon; his nephew, two nieces, cousins, and more friends and fellow artists than one can ever imagine.

The world is an emptier place today, a little less bright and musical in the absence of his sense of justice, humor, artistry and those sparkling green Irish eyes.

A celebration of Brad’s life is planned for 2:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, November 11, 2012, in the Destruction Island Lens Building at the Maritime Museum in the Westport Marina District. All are welcome and encouraged to share memories of Brad for others to hear.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Brad’s memory will be gladly accepted at the South Beach Arts Association, P.O. Box 2006, Westport, WA 98595 or the Westport South Beach Historical Society, P.O. Box 1074, Westport, WA 98595.

The next time you walk on the beach, or find an agate, or hear flute music, think of Brad and rejoice. We were all touched by his wonderful life, his talents, and his compassion, and will continue to be so.