Joy Elaine Tegard

Joy Elaine Tegard, 88 years of age, died at her home at Grays Harbor Health and Rehab on Sunday, July 28, 2013.

Joy was born to Fred and Jennie Tegard on March 16, 1925, and had three siblings. The names of two of her siblings are not known, but she lived in the same facilities as her brother, Ralph, from time to time and was close to him. He preceded her in death, as did both parents.

Joy lived in a state-run institution when she was a young child, and also lived at the Rainier School and Fircrest before moving to Harbor Health Care in South Aberdeen in 1978. While living at Harbor Health Care she was employed by Timberland Opportunities.

Following the closure of Harbor Health Care she resided in several adult family homes, moving to Pacific Care in 2002 and then to Grays Harbor Health & Rehab in 2009.

Joy has no known surviving family. However, she had a large extended family consisting of many of the people who cared for her over the years.

Recollections of Joy include the fact that she had a favorite doll she cherished and that she was neat and tidy and liked to display her favorite items. She liked playing with a ball, sitting in the sun, taking bus rides, giggling and food fights. She would communicate with sign language, and like playing tricks on staff. As she aged, her tricks were less physical, but she would often pour milk in the pocket of her nurse.

She had a special relationship with many of the long-time caregivers and nurses who attended to her, and was very much loved. Her name, Joy, fit her very well.

If anyone has knowledge of surviving family for Joy, please contact her guardian, Elaine Judd, at 360.591.0202. Arrangements are through Whiteside Family Mortuaries in Aberdeen.