Democrats have fostered class warfare

The values that I have supported and believe in are equality, fairness, honesty, truthfulness, love, kindness, thoughtfulness, courtesy and manners. I try to “treat my neighbor as I would like to be treated.” I find that neither political party, nor most politicians’ actions and beliefs reflect these values, so I have been officially an Independent voter.

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have been the most sophisticated and effective political machine I have seen in my 65 years in this country. Their use of “class warfare” to divide us as a nation has been effective and unprecedented. As far as I am concerned, the use of “class warfare” has left me feeling like a man without a country.

To understand and appreciate what I mean by “class warfare” you just have to look at who voted Democratic in this election: 39 percent of white Caucasians, 69 percent of Hispanics, 74 percent of Asians and 93 percent of blacks. Can you imagine the newspaper headlines and media frenzy that would have been made, had 93 percent or 74 percent or 69 percent of whites voted for Romney? Let me call it the way I see it, and I believe it should be called: blacks, Asians and Hispanics in this country are without further doubt the most prejudiced and racist people!

Besides being very badly divided by race, further “class warfare” that Obama and most Democrats made to be a strategic part of their campaign strategies were: labor vs. management, young vs. old, rich vs poor, women vs. men, Christian vs. non-Christian, homosexual vs. heterosexual and the list goes on.

Now come further federal budget negotiations, and Obama’s and the Democratic positions have already been staked to reward those “classes” that voted Democratic, and attempt to divide and declare “war” on those that did NOT vote Democratic.

What percentage of blacks do you suppose earn more than $250,000? What percentage of Hispanics? What percentage of the young? What percentage of rural folk? What percentage of laborers? I bet Obama and the Democratic party could tell you to the nearest 0.001 percentage point exactly. I bet the people paying most of the extra taxes would be white. They would be men. And they would be older than 40. And again, I bet the $250,000 limit was chosen as a standard by Obama and the Democratic party specifically to wage war and single out this particular “class” in our entire nation, while at the same time, they reward the classes that voted for them.

I have an idea. Since most of our pro athletes are black, and live in all urban “blue” cities and states (Washington, California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, etc.) and earn more than $250,000 a year, why not just tax these people an additional 2 percent of their income?

I appreciate the fact that the Republican Party position is one of equality: either everybody pays more taxes, or everybody gets a break. The Republican Party is not the racist party, is not the prejudiced party, and certainly NOT one that endorses “class warfare” like the Democrats have done.

Please don’t be confused by misinformation, the complexities of economic factors, or the name-calling and finger-pointing by President Obama and the Democrats now that they have been elected once again. It’s all about “class warfare.” There is no such thing as equal treatment!

Ron Schillinger is a resident of Montesano