10 commandments

The Christian values that have been evident in raising the United States to a position of envy by the rest of the world seems to be slowly going away. The values that are emphasized in the Bible were not used only by Christians. Those values have normally been practiced by people who do not claim to be Christians. It seems to me that many of the departures are the result of: (1) changing laws that were useful, (2) interpretation of laws that we already have, and (3) little or no attempt to enforce some of the ones we currently have.

An example of the first is that Congress weakened the monopoly laws that could have been used so that financial institutions would not be “too big to fail.” The banking laws were changed so banks could invest in things that used to be considered too risky. That seems to have been a major influence in the worldwide financial collapse.

The Supreme Court has been active in the second by changing definitions in our language. Examples: Corporations are treated as humans, money is the same as votes, a penalty is a tax. Also, the court did not allow Congress to put into words what has been practiced since Utah became a state. Each of these examples show changes instituted by the Supreme Court that have affected our social lives and contributed to confusion and division among us.

The third is shown by the president authorizing opposition to a state that attempted to help slow down illegal entry into the United States. He also has shown selective enforcement of the current laws dealing with the same illegals.

The court ordered a judge remove a copy of the Ten Commandments from a courthouse. Most of our laws are based on the Ten Commandments and the justice system seems to ignore that relationship. The so-called “separation of Church and State” has been interpreted so that we no longer have freedom of speech regarding the Christian “religion.” An example is that the Bible is discouraged or banned from being used by public school students and/or school personnel.

The Ten Commandments have been reduced to two relationships: Love God and love your neighbor. The fact that not everyone does both does not mean that we should ban those relationships from a major part of our society.

However, laws that are imperfect can be changed, even parts of a law can be changed and the rest left in place. If you believe that some of our laws need to be changed then contact your elected representatives who are responsible for making the changes and encourage them to do so.

Jim Leggett