Agreement is short-lived

Wow, I actually find myself agreeing with the first paragraph of Linda Orgel’s Oct. 6 letter to the editor.

It read “If you were wondering what would happen to Washington State if you vote Republican, you only need to look at other states that have Republican governors, legislatures, secretaries of state and local officials.”

On the other hand, I disagree with the rest of the letter entirely!

So here we go.

She opined on union rights and women’s rights. Without getting into specifics, the talking points she repeated are very old and outdated. Case in point, she says that a woman’s access to contraception will be limited or eliminated.

I was in Walmart, yep Linda, that’s right Walmart, and stumbled on the contraceptive section, I really doubt that Walmart or any other retail business that offers contraceptive products will limit anyone’s access to said product. One more thing on women’s rights to contraception. There is one form of birth control — it’s free — no cost to anyone — abstinence!

Contrary to her opinion, Republicans do not want to limit women’s healthcare nor anyone else’s for that matter. Nor do Republicans hate the environment or unions.

Her segment on voters rights really kinda frosted me. My wife and I recently went on vacation, we showed picture ID to check our bags and get through security at the airport. We showed ID to rent the car. We showed ID to check in at the hotel we stayed at and we showed ID to get a discount card for numerous restaurants. We had to show ID a couple of times when using a credit card. If we can show ID with no remorse to do these things, I see no reason to not have to show ID to vote and I would have no remorse showing mine to vote.

She mentioned reducing absentee voter days. That’s a good one. Hello! In Washington we all vote by mail, we don’t have the absentee ballot anymore, we all use them.

The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the State of Washington both clearly state the eligibility requirements that must be met to legally vote. All of the talking points and opinions in the world will not change the facts.

She wrote about an emergency management plan put in place in the state of Michigan that would replace elected officials with non-elected managers in certain cases. Well, the fact is, this law was originally signed into law by James Blanchard, a Democrat. It has been on the books since 1988. It has been used 10 times in 20 years by both Republican and Democrat governors. (Source

So while it is easy to spew incorrect talking points and her letter is full of them, don’t take my word for it, go do a little research and do your own “fact checking.”

While we all have opinions and they may all be different, there is only one set of facts, and opinions do not change facts!

Bruce Daniels