All in the family

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter in response to S. Feneide’s Oct. 14 letter to the editor. She believes that same sex marriage and behavior of gays and lesbians need “tough love and not blind love that condones their

destructive behavior.”

I want her to know that I am a lesbian and her cousin. She barely knows me, my partner and my two children. She does not know the love we all have for one another in our two-parent home. She does not know that I am getting married to my partner in December surrounded by the love and acceptance of our family and friends. She does not know that my children are being raised with love, learning how to accept all people for who they are, including people like S. Feneide.

She writes that you cannot pick and choose part of the Bible, yet she has done the same thing. She knowingly loved my step-mother when my father remarried, which is a sin according to Matthew 19:9. I am sure she wears clothing made of two different fibers, which is clearly a sin in Deuteronomy 22:11. I am sure in her lifetime she has consumed shrimp, which is to be detestable to her, Leviticus 11:10.

S. Feneide may not know that I am a national speaker on anti-bullying of the Lesbian/Gay Community. I have flown to: Charlotte, N.C., Los Angeles, Calif., Atlantic City, N.J., and New Orleans, La. I have spoken to Grays Harbor College classes on acceptance and anti-bullying.

I want her to know that when my father passed away earlier this year, he had a heavy heart that he wouldn’t be able to attend my wedding, but was comforted knowing I had found true love — the love he had found in my step-mother.

I know that my work is tough, I know that if I can reach out to one person so they can question their fear and beliefs that all my anxiety about opening up my life to strangers is worth it.

I pray that before S. Feneide checks the Reject Referendum 74 box that she prays long and hard. I hope she will be guided by her God and the love of my dad, and will make the right decision for the sake of my children — my children who are related to her and need her support in validating that their family is every bit as important as hers to have equal rights.

Jen Gillies