And another thing … and another thing

Wow! Good to hear! A cafe that finally specializes in healthy eating. I was looking forward to checking it out. Then I read — We want to have a couples night for married people — husband and wife — the way God intended.

Are you kidding? I guess I won’t be trying out The Backstage Cafe. I do not need judgment with every bite.

Next on my agenda. $190,000 a year for the new PUD manager. Again, wow! Any wonder he wanted to come back to where he grew up. I’d come back home for $190,000 a year. What’s with that? Any wonder our bills are like they are. We have to support management or rather give them a lifestyle to which most people are not accustomed to.

And finally, in regard to the newspaper. If you think by combining six down to three days, we are making out any better, we are not. Who wants more bad news added to our daily lives. When my subscription is up in August, bye-bye.

Darlene Beardslee