I wish to apologize to Frank Gordon.

I have a copy of the interview of Allan Shores and Frank Gordon that was on KXRO, on Aug. 15. I mis-heard what Mr. Gordon said 31 minutes into the interviews. My hearing is no longer the best. Specifically, I mis-heard the the word “proud“, slightly unclear to me, as “FoGH.“ I always try to be totally truthful, but, being human, I occasionally make mistakes. When I make errors, I shall always do my best to correct them.

FoGH is a group of radical environmentalists. I, too, would be terribly upset if anyone said I was a member. I trust that Mr. Gordon is not now or ever has been a member of FoGH.

I have communicated with some of the Working Wild Olympics leadership and they assure me that thus far Mr. Gordon is not on their side, and this is an issue where there is no middle ground. The argument about Wild Olympics and fishing is a non issue. Wild Olympics is an issue of land control, and land control only.

Ron Armstrong