A badly flawed plan

We should be very worried about crude oil shipments. Rich people and corporations dangle the promise of tax income and a few jobs before us so they can rake in profits but degrade the local quality of life.

The trains would be noisy, polluting, inconvenient and risky. Do our Port Commissioners even consider what it would be like to live near the tracks with increased train traffic? Does it matter to them, as long as they open the door for the rich and powerful to profit at our expense?

Did you know there have been two derailments in the Montesano area in the last few years? One was in the city, the other out near Devonshire Road.

With oil shipments there will be leaks and incidents; it’s only a matter of how often and how serious. It’s not worth risking!

The rich corporations won’t have to live with the noise; it won’t be their waterways that get tainted with oil spills; they won’t have to wait for the long trains; they can get their oysters and salmon from Asia when local supplies are spoiled.

I have faith that our Port Commissioners and other representatives will choose the welfare of the Harbor environment and the lives of residents near the tracks over a badly flawed plan to benefit the wealthy.

Steven Hepp