A balanced candidate

Who is Ron Figlar-Barnes, the new man on the political block?

In a snapshot he is a man of ideals and practicality, running hard for Grays Harbor Port Commission. He brings a needed balance to the Port’s “YES” culture that has been lacking a regard for consequences.

The Port has developed a skyline of holding tanks, with plans for more, including crude oil. As impressive as that seems, in a natural disaster or a terrorist attack they could destroy our ecosystem, greater economy and culture, all for a few questionable jobs. In fact, it is possible that there would be an adverse affect, losing jobs to noise, smell, delays and danger from long lines of trains transporting crude oil.

The Port’s policies should bring in businesses that provide high numbers of living wage jobs without stressing and risking our environment. We should not be bringing in businesses that move large quantities of raw commodities while providing few jobs. Ron Figlar-Barnes: Is a man of focus that will bring in a high number of jobs without jeopardizing our environment.

David R Furford