Beauty and The Beast can take a bow

I had the sincere pleasure of attending the Wednesday night show of Beauty and The Beast at the Bishop Center with my niece, Paige, who is four and a half (she is specific about the half). She wore her special pink princess dress for the occasion.

In my daily job of drug dealers, metal theft, shoplifting, child abuse, patrol car break-downs, jail costs and too-short budgets with too-long expectations, this performance was redeeming for the soul.

Beauty and the Beast was an amazing show punctuating the dedication, skill and enthusiasm of so many talented Harbor folks. From the musicians to the sets, special effects, songs and actors, it would be a mistake to ever forget the special gifts we receive from our neighbors among us.

I call out Hoquiam Rotary members Jim Eddy and Louise Hoover as well as everyone in the cast and crew to take another bow.


Jeff Myers, Chief of Police

Hoquiam Police Department