The bigger the clips, the better

Jerry Taylor of Elma wrote a letter supporting gun control. Until I got to the name “Jerry” Taylor at the end of the letter I thought it was written by some silly idyllic school girl.

Especially the paragraph, “I think hunters should come forward and agree to the legal collection of multiple round guns which, by the way, they don’t even use in the forest. Hunters know that it’s ridiculous to put a gun scope on an AK-47 or other high powered gun. I would remind all gun owners, who have children and grandchildren, that many Connecticut families didn’t have much of a Christmas this year due to assault weapons violence.”

Mr. Taylor, it is exceedingly rare to find a modern firearms hunter with a rifle without a scope and that does not hold multiple rounds. In addition, virtually every hunting rifle is vastly more powerful than an AK-47. I would be surprised if within 300 yards of your home there are not hundreds of such guns.

Mr. Taylor, did you ever notice that most of the mass killings are in “gun free zones?” Indeed, the Aurora, Colo., theater killings took place in the only “gun free” theater of the seven theaters in town. Not co-incidentally, it was the farthest from the shooter’s residence. There is strong evidence the Portland Mall shooter was stopped by a concealed weapon’s holder with a Glock pistol.

We might just as well put up signs at “gun free” schools saying, “Mass murderers can safely kill students here.”

Allow all school teachers to be trained and to carry a firearm, and the shootings will be less than the virtual zero they are now — 1 in 10 million/year. To accomplish that, the teachers need not necessarily carry firearms. Just the threat of having them available will be enough to minimize problems.

The U.S. Congress is to blame for declaring schools “gun free zones.”

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect all the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights. It is designed to allow “we the people” to resist tyranny.

People are not buying AK-47’s to hide them in closets or kill innocent people. They are buying them in anticipation of using them to protect their freedoms, and the bigger the clips, the better.

Ron Armstrong