Bob Sutter will be missed

My friend Bob Sutter was one of those very rare individuals who made everyone feel good to be in his presence. Always a big smile and time to chat about whatever. Not only was he a best friend, he was also ready to help in any endeavor his skills could avail.

He was a teacher extraordinaire and cared about each and every one of his students, wanting them to succeed. The same went for his coaching of all major high school sports. If the athlete had the desire to play, he wanted that person to possess the skills necessary to succeed.

Bob was a very rare individual, yet common enough to see good in unlikely places and talents in unexpected people. No one adjective could ever describe him for he truly loved people and people loved him. His personality was boundless.

He is gone all too soon and the world is not as good as it once was. He was my friend and anyone who knew him can say the same. You are greatly missed Bob, a void will always be there, but thanks for making us all so proud and grateful to have been your friend.

Jaen P. Henry

Ocean Shores