Bush deserves respect

Disrespecting former President Bush

Leading up to the opening of the George W. Bush Library in Dallas, Texas The Daily World inserted two cartoons that I thought were rather offensive for the occasion. They depicted the former president as a liar and a dimwit.

George W. Bush left office more than four years ago and the country is more cynical and disgruntled then ever — why? The reason for President Bush going to war in Iraq in the first place should be left for the historians to decide. In this political climate he will not get a fair shake.

Note that a recent letter writer stated in her article that anyone who has ever been disgruntled should not be allowed to own a fire arm. Does Robin Moore mean that if you have ever been disgruntled you should not vote?

To end on a more positive note please join the NRA to keep and preserve the Second Amendment as stated in the Constitution.

Darcy Skaalrud Sr.