Can’t Fish & Wildlife clip fish?

After reading the recent article about volunteering to clip fish at the Humptulips hatchery, I felt that I should ask a few questions.

First of all, the Department of Fish & Wildlife seems to have plenty of staff employees answering phones, working in the office, biologists studying why our resources are depleting and agents patrolling as well as writing tickets. The funding from some of the license fees should be covering the hatchery budgets. If it doesn’t, then maybe some of the office staff could clip fish for a day or two since we are paying for them to work any way. Has something such as this ever been considered?

Second, how can anyone ask people who are not working due to the low economy to not only volunteer their time instead of looking for a job, but spend the money to drive up to the Humptulips hatchery to clip fish for free?

I don’t have any objections to volunteering, but the agency who is continuing to increase the license fees, shorten seasons, try to shut down hatcheries and generate more staff jobs in Olympia rather than direct the finances to increasing the resource is asking the public to do the job for free. This must be so that they can keep from cutting their jobs pushing paper.

Last of all, why does the Fish & Wildlife even spend the money on publishing regulations that are not as valid as the updates on the Internet?

Frank Majeski