Can they do their job?

The Precinct Committee Officers of Grays Harbor County ‘s Democratic Party nominated Katie Svoboda to serve the remainder of Stew Menefee’s term as County Prosecutor. Hearing all the candidates speak, the majority preferred Svoboda’s vision for the office. Because the rules for mid-term replacements require three candidates, George Smylie and Vini Samuel were also nominated. They share the same vision as Svoboda.

Mike Spencer also has the qualifications and experience to fill the office, but he has a different vision and was therefore not among the nominees presented to the county commissioners. He is perfectly able to put himself on the ballot when this term is up.

Wes Cormier had the professionalism to reply to my email to the all the commissioners regarding their selection of prosecutor. He wrote, “The decision is not one for the Democrat [sic] party or PCO’s to make. The Democrat [still sic] PCO’s are required by law to pick a slate of three (3) candidates for the County Commissioners. Then it is the responsibility of the commissioners to pick from that list in no particular order.”

I believe the “particular order” is important. It is sad to see the commissioners playing games with this important office. The commissioners must live up to their responsibility and let Katie Svoboda assume the title of the job she is already doing so ably. If they cannot, perhaps they should let the governor do their job for them.

Robin Moore